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Troubleshooting MCR With Other Issues

If your MCR is experiencing issues other than those covered in previous troubleshooting topics, step through these troubleshooting actions.


You can verify MCR status from the Megaport Portal. On the Services page in the Portal, find the MCR and mouse over its icon. A message displays the status of the service. (The color of the icon also indicates the service status.)

Troubleshooting actions

Action Steps
Check Network Address Translation (NAT) filters Review your NATNetwork address translation.
The process that translates the unregistered private IP addresses used for an organization’s private inner network into a single registered public IP address.
filters to ensure that they are preventing incoming traffic from interfering with your internet and network. Ensure that NAT filtering is active on your routers. For more information, see How MCR Performs NAT.
Check route filters Ensure your route filters are working as expected.
Route filtering provides selective control over which networks are discoverable between Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) neighbor routers. Route filtering is configured to influence the routing path and manage redundancy while improving security. For more information, see MCR Route Filtering.
Verify MCR settings from the Megaport Portal Play video    Watch a 1-minute video on how to navigate the Megaport Portal to verify your MCR status.

Next steps

If the troubleshooting actions do not resolve your issue, contact support. Before contacting support for assistance, collect the details of all troubleshooting steps. For example, if loopbacks were placed, note where they were located and their direction.


For more information on when a field service technician is needed onsite at the data center, see Customer Field Services.

Last update: 2024-04-15