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API v2 Shutdown FAQs

In April 2023, we launched a new version of Megaport Virtual Edge (MVE). Previously, MVE had been offered as a bundle with preset compute, virtual circuits, and Megaport Internet specifications. With this latest version, we’ve unbundled Megaport Internet to separate compute from Virtual Cross Connects (VXCs) and Megaport Internet connections. By unbundling compute and transit functions, you can now get a new level of configurability and flexibility by further customizing your network to suit your needs.

MVE is now also available in four sizes and has double the RAM of our previous version for better performance. The compute sizes are now 2/8, 4/16, 8/32, and 12/48, where the first number is the CPU and the second number is the GB of available RAM.

To enable this new feature, a v3 API has been created to get prices, validate, order, edit, and delete MVE and Megaport Internet connections as separate products. Existing API integrators who want to change the speed of their Megaport Internet connection will have to integrate with the new v3 API.

As a result, users who integrate with the Validate and Buy APIs for other service types, including Ports, MCRs, VXCs and IXs, in addition to MVEs and Megaport Internet connections, will also be required to migrate to the latest v3 version. No changes for these service types, other than the version, are applied to the url, request body or response body.

To maintain backwards compatibility for our existing API integrators, API users will be able to keep using the current v2 Megaport API calls to order bundled MVEs until 30 April 2024, at which time the legacy v2 API will be deprecated. When ordering an MVE with v2 APIs, a Megaport Internet connection with the default speed associated to the selected MVE size will be created automatically.

All integrators are encouraged to migrate and start using the v3 APIs when ordering MVEs and Megaport Internet connections to make the most out of the additional flexibility.

Our Customer Portal has already switched to v3 for:

Validate and Buy of all service types:

  • POST /v3/networkdesign/validate
  • POST /v3/networkdesign/buy

Fetch prices of MVEs and VXCs:

  • GET /v3/pricebook/mve?locationId={locationId}&vendor={vendor}&size={size}
  • GET /v3/pricebook/vxc?bLocationId={bLocationId}&aLocationId={aLocationId}

Update VXCs (only):

  • PUT /v3/product/vxc/{productUid}

When do I need to start using MVE API v3?

As soon as possible and no later than April 2024. The MVE v3 APIs are currently available in Production, any future enhancements related to MVE and Megaport Internet connections will be applied to the v3 APIs only.

When will the MVE v2 APIs be deprecated?

MVE v2 APIs will be deprecated on 30 April 2024.

Which v2 APIs are impacted?

Function Old API New API
Get MVE Price GET /v2/pricebook/mve
Returns price of MVE + Megaport Internet connection
GET /v3/pricebook/mve
Returns price of MVE compute only
Get Megaport Internet Price GET /v3/pricebook/vxc
With connectType=transit
Returns price of Megaport Internet connection
Validate MVE Order POST /v2/networkdesign/validate
Validates order of MVE + Megaport Internet connection
POST /v3/networkdesign/validate
Validates order of MVE only

Note: Available sizes are: "SMALL" "MEDIUM" "LARGE" "X_LARGE_12"
Validate Megaport Internet Order POST /v3/networkdesign/validate
Validates order of Megaport Internet connection
Buy MVE POST /v2/networkdesign/buy
Buys MVE + Megaport Internet connection
POST /v3/networkdesign/buy
Buys MVE only
Buy Megaport Internet POST /v3/networkdesign/buy
Buys Megaport Internet connection
Update MVE Details PUT /v2/product/mve/{productUid} PUT /v2/product/mve/{productUid}

No Change
Delete MVE POST /v2/product/{productUid}/action/{action} POST /v2/product/{productUid}/action/{action}

No Change
Delete Megaport Internet POST /v3/product/{productUid}/action/{action}
Get Partner Megaports GET /v2/dropdowns/partner/megaports?connectType=transit
Returns a list of destination ports for Megaport Internet connections

What if I haven’t migrated in time?

Your MVE integration will stop working and you won’t be able to order new or update existing MVEs. For more information, please contact your Account Manager.

Who can I talk to for more information?

Please reach out to your Account Manager or Megaport Support. For more information, see Contacting Support.

Last update: 2024-04-15