Credit Card Payments

To use a credit card for automatic payments, you need to register a card. You can also register a card to autopopulate payment details for one-off payments.


Payment details do not appear if your account is managed by a partner. Contact your partner to arrange billing and payment.

To register a credit card with Megaport

  1. In the Portal, choose Company > Billing Markets.

  2. In Enabled Markets, click the Make Payment icon.
    Make payment

  3. In the Payments tab, click Register Card.
    Make payment

  4. Enter the Card Number, Expiry, and CVC.
    Make payment

  5. Specify if you want to set up automatic payments with this credit card.

  6. Click Register Card.

If you select Automatic Payments, no further action is required. Payments will be processed on the 20th of each month for the outstanding balance on your account.

If you do not select Automatic Payments, you need to submit payments before your invoice due date. Follow the procedures in Making a one-off credit card payment.

Credit card processing fees

Credit card processing fees are added to the payment amount and reflected on your next invoice. Megaport passes these fees directly from our service provider, Stripe.


Megaport does not take or hold any PCI DSS information.

You can get additional information on credit card transaction fees from Stripe for these markets:

Making a one-off credit card payment

If you have the appropriate permissions, you can use a credit card to make a one-off payment of an invoice at any point in the billing cycle.

To make a one-off payment

  1. Choose Company > Billing Markets.

  2. Click the Make Payment icon.
    Make payment

  3. Click Make One-off Payment.
    Make payment

  4. Add the payment information.
    If you have registered a credit card, the payment information automatically appears.

  5. For the Payment Description, enter the payment amount and invoice number.

  6. Click Make One-off Payment.

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