Changing a VXC Configuration with the API

This topic describes how to change configuration details of an existing VXC. You can change the VXC service name, rate limit, and VLAN IDs.

The example in this topic creates a new request in the General section of the Postman Collection. The request can include and update any of these parameters:

  "name": "My updated API created VXC",
  "rateLimit": 100,
  "aEndVlan": 301,
  "bEndVlan": 402

To change the VXC details in the Postman collection

  1. Click the three dots after General and click Add Request.

    Add request

  2. Name the request Update VXC and click Save.

    Update VXC request

  3. To configure the request, select PUT as the method and define the request URL

    • PUT {API Server URL}/v2/product/vxc/{{productUid}}

    Update VXC request

  4. Add these values to the Headers tab:

    • Content-Type = application/json
    • X-Auth-Token = {{token}}

    Update VXC request

  5. Click the Body tab, select raw, and paste the updated VXC details for name, rate limit, or VLAN IDs.

    This example changes all four values.

    Update VXC request

  6. Click Save.

The final step is to create a new variable for the VXC ID.

To get the VXC ID and store it in a variable

  1. In Postman, click General in the left navigation and click GET Product List.

  2. Click Send.

  3. From the returned product details, locate the productUid or vxcJTechnicalServiceUid value for the VXC you want to update.

    This example uses these values:

    "vxcJTechnicalServiceUid": "55d0fd05-9a02-437f-a2ab-acb45a798cfb"
  4. Click the three dots after the imported Megaport collection and click Edit.

  5. Click the Variables tab and add a variable for productUid and define the value to be the VXC productUid or vxcJTechnicalServiceUid.

  6. Click Update.

The command is now configured and ready to use. Click Send to make the requested changes to the VXC. The changes will be reflected in the Portal within two minutes.

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