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Megaport Virtual Edge Locations

Before you create a Megaport Virtual Edge (MVE), you need to determine the best location - one that supports MVE and one that is in the most compatible metro area. MVE instances are located in key metro areas to maintain low latency from your cloud and SaaS workloads to MVE.

Megaport Internet functionality enables traffic flow to and from branch locations using SD-WAN technologies through internet connections. You use pre-existing connectivity from your premises to securely access the MVE that is geographically located closest to those premises.

In general, you provision MVEs at the metro locations nearest to your branch sites and on-premises locations to benefit from the lowest latency and highest throughput.

You can connect multiple locations to an individual MVE. You can also deploy multiple instances and load-balance your branch sites.

We recommend two MVE host systems per region for resiliency.

Asia Pacific North America Europe
Auckland Ashburn Amsterdam
Hong Kong Atlanta Frankfurt
Melbourne Bay Area London
Osaka Chicago Paris
Perth Dallas Stockholm
Singapore Denver
Sydney Los Angeles
Tokyo Mexico City
New York
San Jose
Santa Clara

Review the appropriate “Planning Your Deployment” topic for your SD-WAN or NGFW (next generation firewall) vendor before you begin:

Last update: 2024-03-27