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Requesting a Connection to a Service Provider

This topic describes how to request a connection to a service provider in the Megaport Marketplace.

Customers can initiate a service request to service providers with a Marketplace profile. When a customer initiates the connection request, the service provider is notified of the request by email and the service provider can accept or deny the request.

To create a connection request to a service provider

  1. From the Megaport Portal, go to the Services page.

  2. Select the Port or MCR for the connection and click +Connection.

  3. Click Megaport Marketplace as the destination type.
    Megaport Marketplace

  4. Search for and then select the provider.
    The destination ports for the service provider appear.

  5. Select a destination port.
    Typically, you select the port closest to your Port. Destination port

  6. Click Next.

  7. Specify these connection details:

    • Connection Name – The name of your VXC to be shown in the Megaport Portal.
    • Invoice Purchase Order Number (optional) – Enter the purchase order number specified when registering the billing market.
    • Rate Limit – This is the speed of your connection in Mbps up to the maximum limit defined by the key.
    • Preferred A-End VLAN – Optionally, specify an unused VLAN ID for this connection. This must be a unique VLAN ID on this port and can range from 2 to 4093.
  8. Click Next.

  9. Click Add VXC.
  10. Click Order.
  11. Review the Order Services agreement, and click Order Now.

After the customer makes the connection request, Megaport sends email notifications to both the service provider and the customer. For details about the notification and approval process, see Marketplace Notifications.

Last update: 2022-01-21