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Troubleshooting a Failure with an Order

If the provisioning status of a service indicates failed, the service could not be deployed through the Megaport automation process and it is not in the deployment queue.

You can verify service status from the Megaport Portal. On the Services page in the Portal, find the MVE and mouse over its icon. A message displays the status of the service. (The color of the icon also indicates the service status.)

Additionally, you can verify the provisioning status through the API. Use this endpoint:

GET {baseUrl}/v2/product/{productUid}

The response includes the status of the service in the provisioningStatus field.

Troubleshooting actions

If you are experiencing an automation failure when trying to provision your service, contact support. The Megaport Network Automation team will investigate and resolve the issue.

If you experience an automation failure, we highly recommend not to deploy additional services, as this can result in more automation failures.

Next steps

Before contacting support for assistance, collect the following information.

  • Error Messages Provide any error messages when provisioning your service.
  • What service were you trying to provision?
    Provide a breakdown of the service and the steps performed before the automation failure.
  • Is there anything unique to the service you are provisioning?
    If there is any additional relevant information important to the provisioning of your service that will assist Megaport in troubleshooting the failure, provide as much detail as possible.

Last update: 2024-03-28