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Partner Managed Accounts

Megaport has two types of customer accounts: direct and indirect. Direct customers work directly with Megaport to set up their account and configure and manage services. Indirect customers work with a Megaport partner. Indirect customer accounts are also called managed accounts.

If you work with a Megaport partner and have a managed account, there are differences in the Portal experience and the visibility/availability of some features. Partners can customize the Portal experience for their managed accounts and can turn on or off features such as pricing and support chat.

If you work through a partner, you might notice these differences in the Megaport Portal:

  • Dashboard – Your partner determines whether managed accounts can see the Megaport Portal dashboard.

  • Company profile – By default, managed accounts do not have permission to view or edit company profile information.

  • Ordering services – When configuring a service, you only see locations where your partner has enabled a billing market.

  • Billing Market – Billing markets are not visible to managed accounts - only to partner accounts.

  • Pricing visibility – By default, pricing is not visible for managed accounts. You will not see any pricing information when creating, configuring, or updating services unless your partner enables this setting for you.

  • Invoice payment – Managed accounts do not pay bills directly to Megaport. Charges incurred by managed accounts are billed by the partner account.

  • Notification emails – Maintenance event notifications are sent directly to the partner and not your managed account. Your partner will communicate with you regarding any maintenance events that affect your account. Security emails are sent directly to anyone impacted.

  • Megaport Marketplace – Managed accounts do not have permission to view or edit Marketplace profile information.

  • Support chat – By default, the support chat feature is disabled for managed accounts, as most partners provide their own support. Refer to your partner program details for more information about how to get support.

Partners can find more information in the Megaport PartnerVantage program overview and the Megaport VantageTransact Documentation.

Last update: 2022-01-19