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What’s new?

The following sections have been added or updated recently:

  • Introducing support for OVHcloud Connect:
  • Modernizing Your MPLS Network with Megaport Solutions – This new topic examines options and considerations for modernizing your MPLS network with Megaport.
  • Quick Start Guide – This new topic provides basic workflows to get your account set up and start provisioning network services.
  • API Overview – This section enhances the API reference at dev.megaport.com by describing how to use the API to perform common tasks. New topics step you through using the API to complete procedures such as logging in, creating a Port or MCR, and creating a VXC to a Cloud Service Provider.
  • Creating an MCR – The new Initial BGP State option lets you select whether you want any new BGP sessions you configure to be live as soon as you save the configuration.
  • Understanding Locations – This new topic describes how to use the new Megaport Locations page to find a Megaport Point of Presence.
  • Connecting to Cloudflare with Megaport – This new topic describes how to connect to Cloudflare through the Megaport Portal.
  • Pricing & Billing updates:

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