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Monitoring Services for Status

Megaport queries services every five minutes for status, and tracks alerts.

  • Regular status - The network hardware reports the current status of a service every 5 minutes. For any change in status, the monitoring system logs an event and you are sent an email notification. Megaport performs this status check for all services.

  • Event-based alerts - If the network hardware sends an alert based on an event, Megaport immediately logs the event for the service and you are sent an email notification. Megaport logs events for all services except VXCs.


Megaport might not report downtime in cases when the network hardware is down or unreachable, or for very brief interruptions to a VXC, such as a network flap. A VXC could go down and come back up in the time between two status checks.

Email notifications are sent once per hour, per service. For more information about email notifications, see Configuring Email Notifications.

Service status can also be monitored using the Megaport API. For more information, see Monitoring Service Status with the API.

Service Statuses

These are the available service statuses:

Provisioning Status Description Port MCR VXC
NEW Only for preordering Ports. This status indicates the service order has been accepted and is waiting on the infrastructure to be available. This status applies to Port preorders only. N/A N/A
DEPLOYABLE The service order has been confirmed and is waiting for deployment. Services are typically in this state for 1-2 minutes.
CONFIGURED The deployment has completed and the service is configured on the network.
LIVE The meaning of this status depends on the product. The service has been detected as live on the network. Light has been detected on the Port, meaning a cross connect has been attached and the Port activated. The transition from CONFIGURED to LIVE is instantaneous. The transition from CONFIGURED to LIVE is instantaneous.
CANCELLED, CANCELLED_PARENT Termination of the service has been requested. Services are typically in this state for 1-2 minutes unless a future date has been set for termination. Ports provide two options:
1. Terminate now
2. Terminate in 30 days.
MCRs only support terminate “now”. VXCs can be individually terminated “now” or are terminated as part of terminating the attached Port or MCR. VXCs attached to Ports that are set to terminate in 30 days are terminated when the Port is terminated.
DECOMMISSIONED The service has been decommissioned from the network. Services are no longer returned 30 days after they are decommissioned.
FAILED The service could not be deployed and is not in the deployment queue.

Last update: 2024-04-15