Port Contract Terms

This topic explains Megaport contract term details. When you deploy a Megaport, you accrue costs first, then receive an invoice depending on your term. In the Megaport Portal, you can make the following changes to month-to-month or long-term contracts that are on standard pricing:

  • New Megaports - Choose a 1, 12, or 36 month minimum term, billed monthly. If you don’t add a 12 or 36 month term when creating a new Megaport, you will be billed month-to-month at standard rates. For details on creating a Megaport, see Creating a Megaport.

    Longer contract terms have these benefits:
    - Fixed monthly cost.
    - Discounts based on the term duration. A 12 month term has a 5% discount, and a 36 month term has a 10% discount.

  • Existing Megaports on a minimum term - Renew a 12 or 36 month term, extend to a longer term, or shorten the term. You can extend a minimum term at any time; however, you can only shorten it during the last calendar month of the term.

    If you prefer not to renew, no action is required. At the end of the term, the contract will automatically roll over to month-to-month billing for the following billing period (at standard pricing, without term discounts). For details on changing a term, see Changing a Contract Term.

  • Existing month-to-month Megaports - Upgrade a Megaport from month-to-month to a 12 or 36 month contract term, at any time.

  • Expired Megaport terms - Renew a term contract after it has expired. After a Megaport’s term expires, the monthly rate reverts to the standard rates.


To provide adequate time for you to extend or renew the Megaport, Megaport will notify you via email 1 month ahead of term expiration and 1 week before a price change. For Link Aggregation Groups (LAGs), each port in the LAG is treated individually. Megaport will send a separate renewal email for each port.

How does billing work?

Each month, you are billed a flat fee for each Megaport. The first invoice is prepaid when you order the Megaport and includes the prorated fee for the month the Megaport went live, in addition to the full monthly amount. The Megaport term begins when you configure it within the Megaport network and its status changes from “Provisioning” to “Live”, or 14 days after you have placed the order - whichever comes first. For example, if you order the Megaport on the 15th of January, your first invoice will be on the 1st of February, and the charge will reflect the 15th of January to the 28th of February.

Any changes to an existing term will apply from the start of the next billing month.


In the Portal, if you have chosen a billing currency other than the home currency for a market (e.g., USD in Australian market), the price will be recalculated based on the current exchange rates in the Portal.

Changing a contract term

In the Portal, you can make the following changes to a month-to-month or long-term contract:

  1. Add a term to a month-to-month Megaport.
  2. Extend a term on an existing contracted Megaport.
  3. Renew a term in the last month of a contracted Megaport, before the term expires.

After making a term change, the Portal begins a new term on the next billing date.


Each Megaport in a Link Aggregation Group (LAG) is treated individually and is subject to the same contract term and billing agreements as an individual Megaport. For details on LAGs, see Creating a Link Aggregation Group.


Not all contract terms can be changed in the Portal (the option will be dimmed). Contact your Megaport account manager for details.

To change a contract term

  1. Log in to the Megaport Portal, go to the Services page, and locate the Megaport you want to change.
  2. Click the Port Details icon.
    Port Details
  3. Review the contract term details for this Megaport.

    The End Date and Term length are shown. Optionally, click Download LOA to view the Megaport details.
    Port Configuration

  4. Click Change Contract Term, and select the new term for the Megaport.
    Set Port Contract Term

    • No Change - Megaports under term will maintain their current term conditions. Month-to-month Megaports will continue to be billed monthly. If a termed Megaport expires, it will roll over to month-to-month and the discount will no longer be applied.
    • 12 Months or 36 Months - Megaports that are under term or month-to-month will start their new contract term on the first day of the next calendar month.
  5. Select the “I agree” checkbox to indicate you have read and agreed to the Global Services Agreement.

  6. Click Start New Contract Term.

The Portal accepts the new term at the current standard rate and will apply any applicable term discounts at the new term start date. The new Term and End Date are shown on the Port Details page.

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