Creating a Megaport Internet Connection for an MCR

This topic describes how to create a Megaport Internet connection for an MCR in the Megaport network.

With an MCR configured, you can create a Megaport Internet connection. You can create a Megaport Internet connection for an MCR, for example, as your main or back-up internet connection, or to establish an internet connection for seasonal needs or for specific time-bound projects.

For more information on Megaport Internet connections, see Megaport Internet Overview.

To create a Megaport Internet connection

  1. In the Megaport Portal, go to the Services page and select the MCR you want to use.

    If you haven’t already created an MCR, see Creating an MCR.

  2. If this is the first connection for the MCR, click the Megaport Internet tile. The tile is a shortcut to the configuration page. Alternatively, click +Connection.
    Create Megaport Internet connection

    MCR details including the speed, location, and diversity zone are displayed. The diversity zone for an A-End service is visible after the service is deployed and available.

  3. Click Megaport Internet.

  4. Select the target Port (the internet router).
    The B-End of a Megaport Internet connection can be anywhere in the same country as the originating MCR.
    You can filter by diversity zone, or select to view all.
    Select the B-End or IP Transit router for the Megaport Internet connection

  5. Click Next.

  6. Specify the connection details:

    • Connection Name – The name of your Megaport Internet connection to be shown in the Megaport Portal.

    • Service Level Reference (optional) – Specify a unique identifying number for the Megaport Internet connection to be used for billing purposes, such as a cost center number or a unique customer ID. The service level reference number appears for each service under the Product section of the invoice.

    • Rate Limit – The speed of your connection in Mbps. The rate limit is adjustable from 20 Mbps to 10 Gbps in increments of 1 Mbps. You can change the speed as needed after you create the Megaport Internet connection. Monthly billing details appear based on location and rate limit.

    • VXC State – Select Enabled or Shut Down to define the initial state of the connection. For more information, see Shutting Down a VXC for Failover Testing.


      If you select Shut Down, traffic will not flow through this service and it will behave as if it was down on the Megaport network. Billing for this service will remain active and you will still be charged for this connection.

    • Minimum Term – Select No Minimum Term, 12 Months, 24 Months, or 36 Months. Longer terms result in a lower monthly rate. 12 Months is selected by default.
      Take note of the information on the screen to avoid early termination fees (ETF). See Megaport Internet Pricing and Contract Terms and VXC, Megaport Internet, and IX Billing for more information. Megaport Internet connection details

  7. Click Next.
    The MCR A-End Connection Details page displays, indicating that the MCR connection configuration will be generated automatically. The connection details can be changed later if required.

  8. Click Next to review the Megaport Internet connection summary, including price.

  9. Click Add VXC to save the connection.

  10. Click Order to proceed through the checkout process.
    When the Megaport Internet connection is deployed, you can view it in the Portal Services page.
    Megaport Internet connection deployed and visible in the Megaport Portal

To edit a Megaport Internet connection

  • Click the gear icon next to the connection in the Megaport Portal to make changes.
    Edit a Megaport Internet connection

    You can modify the details on the Megaport side including the connection name, rate limit, service level (invoice) reference, connection state, and contract terms. You can also modify the MCR connection details including interface IP address, NAT source IP address, BGP connections, BFD settings, and static routes.
    Once submitted, the changes take effect in a few minutes.