MCR Billing

Megaport charges a recurring monthly flat fee based on the MCR provisioned services consumed hourly in the course of the previous month.

The billing starts as soon as the MCR is in live status. Each month, you are billed a flat fee for each MCR. MCR is charged on a postpaid basis, so if you order the MCR on the 15th of January, your first invoice will be on the 1st of February, and the charge will reflect the 15th of January to the 31st of January.


If any contract term changes occurred within the month, billing will reflect a sum of the charges. Megaport incorporates a cap of 28 days per month to calculate the percentage allocation of the rate charged.

See also MCR Pricing and Contract Terms.


You can cancel an MCR at any time. Canceling an MCR on a contract term will result in an early termination fee (ETF) equivalent to 100% of the remainder of the term. For more information, see Terminating an MCR.

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