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Technical Specifications

A Port is the high-speed Ethernet interface that connects to the Megaport network. It is configured as an 802.1Q VLAN trunk to support multiple Virtual Cross Connects - each presented as a unique VLAN.

These tables summarize the technical specifications for Megaport services:

Interface Speed Interface
1 Gbps 1000BASE-LX (10km; duplex on SMOF)
10 Gbps 10GBASE-LR (10km; duplex on SMOF)
100 Gbps 100GBASE-LR4 (10km; duplex on SMOF)
Service Attribute Service Parameter/Value
MAC Layer IEEE 802.3-2002
Maximum Ethernet Frame Size (MTU) VXCs support an Ethernet MTU of 9100 bytes.
MCRs support an IP MTU of 1500 bytes.
MVEs support a VXC Ethernet MTU of up to 9100 bytes; however, the supported IP MTU depends on the MVE vendor and the configuration. For more information, contact your Megaport Account Manager.
Megaport Internet VXCs are limited to an MTU of 1500 bytes.
IX and many CSP ports do not support jumbo frames, but all support the standard MTU of 1500 bytes.
VLAN Ethernet Type 0x8100
Q-in-Q (802.1ad)A technique used by OSI Layer 2 providers for customers. 802.1ad provides for both an inner and an outer tag whereby the outer (S-tag) can be removed to expose the inner (C-tag) tags that segment the data. Supported
CoS Level Standard
Unicast Frame Delivery Deliver Unconditionally
Multicast Frame Delivery Deliver Unconditionally
Broadcast Frame Delivery Deliver Unconditionally

Layer 2 control tunneling

Protocol Action
STPSpanning Tree Protocol., RSTPRapid Spanning Tree Protocol., MSTPMultiple Spanning Tree Protocol., PVST+Per-VLAN Spanning Tree and Per VLAN Spanning Tree Plus Protocols. Tunnel
PAUSE (802.3x)Ethernet pause frames allow for a temporary stop in data transmission. Discard
LACP (802.1ax/802.3ad)Link Aggregation Control Protocol. Discard - See Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) note below.
Link OAMOperation, Administration, and Maintenance link fault maintenance. Discard
PNAC (802.1x)Port-based network access control. Tunnel (MACsec only) - See MACsec note below.
E-LMIEthernet local management interface. Tunnel
GARPGeneric Attribute Registration Protocol. Tunnel


  • Link aggregation is supported using Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP). You can use LACP on an individual interface if you plan to add interfaces in the future. Link aggregation is supported locally by enabling LACP when creating a Port, but LACP is not carried across a VXC. For more information on Link Aggregation Groups, see Creating a Link Aggregation Group.
  • LACP is supported for VXCs set to ‘Untag’. LACP allows bundling of customer’s network over the underlying VXCs and is supported for existing and new deployments.


802.1ae MACsec (0x88e5) frames are transported only on untagged VXCs.


Megaport polices traffic to the committed information rate (CIR) of the ordered VXC speed. Megaport does not shape customer traffic. You can configure your own shaper if required; however, do not exceed four megabytes for the committed burst size (CBS).

Last update: 2024-04-15