Enabling Billing Markets

Before you can order services in a region, you need to enable a billing market. We recommend that you enable multiple markets to cover your business needs.

To enable a billing market

  1. Click View Company Markets from the Company Profile page.

    If the Company Profile page isn’t visible, choose Company > Billing Markets.
    Company Billing Markets page

  2. Click Enable next to your preferred billing market(s).
    Enable market

  3. Complete all fields for the chosen billing market.

    • Billing Currency – The billing currency for this market. The currencies vary for each billing market. In most markets, the US dollar (USD) is available as the secondary currency. For example, the Singapore billing market offers the option of billing in both Singapore dollars (SGD) and USD. Once you have chosen a currency, it cannot be changed.

    • Company Name – The legal registered company name that appears in your profile.

    • Billing Contact Details – The name, phone, email address, physical address, and country for the billing contact. Use commas to separate multiple email addresses.

    • Company Registration No. – The tax or VAT registration number as required per region.

    • Invoice Purchase Order Number – An optional PO number for tracking. This number is optional and appears on all invoices related to its market.

  4. Click Save.

    After adding a company profile, you can view markets associated with it by choosing Company > Company Profile and clicking View Company Markets.

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