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MVE Pricing and Contract Terms

Megaport charges a recurring monthly flat fee based on the MVE provisioned services consumed hourly in the course of the previous month.

The MVE service is priced by the instance size you select when ordering an MVE. These fixed monthly prices include the MVE, public IP address, and Megaport Internet connectivity with DDoS protection. Megaport Internet costs might differ by market. VXCs between MVEs or other resources are billed separately. For more information, see the Planning Your Deployment topic for your provider:

When you deploy an MVE, cost accrual begins immediately. In the Megaport Portal, you can make the following changes to pay-as-you-go or long-term contracts that are on standard pricing:

  • New MVE – Select No Minimum Term to pay-as-you-go, or select a 12, 24, or 36-month minimum term, billed monthly. The default term is 12 months. The term starts when you place the order. Longer contract terms have these benefits:

    • Fixed monthly cost.
    • Discounts based on the term duration. A 24-month term has a 5% discount and a 36-month term has a 10% discount.

    See the MVE Overview for SD-WAN vendor-specific details on creating an MVE.


    Partner and partner-managed accounts select MVE subscriptions instead of MVE contract terms.

  • Existing MVE on a minimum term – Renew a 12, 24, or 36-month minimum term, extend to a longer term, or shorten the term. You can extend a minimum term at any time; however, you can only shorten it during the last calendar month of the term.

    If you prefer not to renew, no action is required. At the end of the term, the contract will automatically roll over to pay-as-you-go billing for the following billing period (at standard pricing, without term discounts). For more information on changing a term, see Changing a contract term.

  • Existing contract term – Upgrade a contract term at any time.

  • Expired MVE term – Renew a term contract after it has expired.


To provide adequate time to extend or renew the MVE contract, Megaport will notify you via email 1 month ahead of the term expiration and 1 week before a price change.

Changing a contract term

In the Portal, you can make the following changes:

  • Add a term to an MVE.
  • Extend the term on an existing MVE contract.
  • Renew a term in the final 30 days of an MVE contract, before the term expires.

After changing an existing term, the new term begins immediately.


Not all contract terms can be changed in the Portal (the option will be grayed out). Contact your Megaport Account Manager for more information.

To add, extend, or renew a contract term

  1. In the Megaport Portal, go to the Services page and locate the MVE you want to change.
  2. Click the MVE Details icon.
    MVE Details
  3. Review the contract term details for this MVE. The End Date and Term length are shown.
    MVE Change Contract
  4. Click Change Contract Term and select the new term for the MVE.
    Set MVE Contract Term
    MVEs that are under a contract term or on pay-as-you-go billing start their new contract term immediately.
  5. Select the “I agree to the terms and conditions” check box to indicate you have read and agreed to the Global Services Agreement.
  6. Click Start New Contract Term.
    Click Cancel to maintain the MVE’s current term conditions. If an MVE on a contract term expires, it rolls over to pay-as-you-go billing (at standard pricing, without term discounts).

The Portal accepts the new term at the current standard rate and applies any applicable term discounts at the new term start date. The new Term and End Date appear on the MVE Details page.

See also MVE Billing.


You can cancel an MVE at any time. Canceling an MVE on a contract term will result in an early termination fee (ETF) equivalent to 100% of the remainder of the term.
For more information, see the relevant topic for your SD-WAN provider:

Last update: 2024-04-15