Configuring Public AWS Connections with IP Addresses Provided by AWS

To create a public virtual interface for AWS, you need to specify the public peer IP addresses.

If you do not have public IP addresses, you need to request them from AWS. The request requires approval from the AWS Direct Connect team and it can take up to 72 hours for AWS to review and approve your request.


Private VIFs/VXCs do not require AWS authorization and are available within minutes.

For a public address, the AWS Direct Connect team needs to verify the ownership of the public IP prefixes and BGP ASN before approving public IP prefixes or public ASNs. The AWS Direct Connect team verifies ownership by confirming that the regional registry belongs to the organization name listed in your AWS account.


AWS approval is outside of Megaport control and our service offering. Megaport can facilitate the implementation, but Megaport cannot guarantee timelines or support from AWS.

To configure a public AWS connection with AWS IP addresses

  1. In the Megaport Portal, create a public AWS connection (Hosted VIF or Hosted Connection) and use a placeholder IP address in the Amazon IP Address field.

    This VXC allows AWS to identify the AWS Direct Connect circuit for the connection.

  2. Request a public IP /31 from AWS to establish peering.

    In the AWS portal, open a ticket and request a /31 address for the VXC (Support > Support Center > Create Case).

    Specify these details:

    • megaport @ facility xxx on-ramp and connection type (Hosted VIF or Hosted Connection).
    • the region and the data center for the IPs.
    • Don’t share any Megaport details for this request, such as account numbers or port identifiers.

    For example:

    megaport @ facility ap-southeast-2 on-ramp (Hosted VIF)
    Region: Asia Pacific (Sydney) (ap-southeast-2) Sydney, Australia
    DC where we will connect: Global Switch
    We will require IP addresses assigned from AWS for this (IPv4 /31).
  3. When AWS issues the /31 IP address, delete the VIF associated with the VXC (that contains the placeholder values) and create a new VIF using the /31 IP address from AWS.

    For Hosted VIFs, go to the Megaport Portal and update the IP address in the Amazon IP Address field for the VXC. Megaport automatically deletes the old VIF and creates a new one with the updated address.

    For Hosted Connections, go to the AWS portal and delete the VIF with the placeholder values and create a new VIF with the new IP address. You don’t need to modify the VXC in the Megaport Portal.

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