Adding a Port to an Existing LAG

The most simple LAG configuration is a single Port LAG, which configures the device on the Megaport side to run LACP on a single channel. However, this configuration doesn’t provide any added resilience. If Port capacity or traffic status requires resilience, you can add Ports to a LAG. For example, if traffic moves from development to production, you may require additional Ports.

When you add one or more Ports to a live LAG, they are automatically assigned the same location, speed, and Marketplace visibility as other Ports in the LAG.

To add a Port to an existing LAG

  1. Log in to the Megaport Portal and choose Services.

  2. Select a Port that is part of a LAG and click +Ports.
    Adding a Port to a LAG

  3. Specify the details for the new Port in the LAG.

    • Port Name – Specify an easily identifiable name for the Port.
    • Choose your minimum term – Specify 1 month, 12 months, or 36 months. Longer terms result in a lower monthly rate. By default, a rolling month-to-month term is selected.
    • Invoice Reference – (Optional) Specify an identifying number for the Port to be used for billing purposes, such as a purchase order number.
    • Ports to add to LAG – Specify the number of physical Ports to add in the LAG. The maximum number of physical Ports in a single LAG is 8.
      New Port details
      The price updates dynamically based on your selections.
  4. Complete the order process.
    For more information, follow steps 5 to 10 in Creating a Port.

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