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Adding a Port to an Existing LAG

The most simple LAG configuration is a single Port LAG, which configures the device on the Megaport side to run LACP on a single channel. However, this configuration doesn’t provide any added resilience. If Port capacity or traffic status requires resilience, you can add Ports to a LAG. For example, if traffic moves from development to production, you may require additional Ports.

When you add one or more Ports to a live LAG, they are automatically assigned the same location, speed, and Megaport Marketplace visibility as other Ports in the LAG. Any Ports that you add to a diverse LAG will inherit the diversity zone of the LAG.

To add a Port to an existing LAG

  1. Log in to the Megaport Portal and choose Services.
  2. Select a Port that is part of a LAG and click +Ports.
    Adding a Port to a LAG

  3. Specify these details for the new Port:

    • Port Name – Specify an easily identifiable name for the Port.

    • Service Level Reference (optional) – Specify a unique identifying number for the Port to be used for billing purposes, such as a purchase order number or unique customer ID. The service level reference number appears for each service under the Product section of the invoice. You can also edit this field for an existing service.

    • Minimum Term – Select 1 Month, 12 Months, 24 Months, or 36 Months. Longer terms result in a lower monthly rate. 12 Months is selected by default. See Port Pricing and Contract Terms for more information.


      • Partner-managed accounts can apply a Partner Deal to a LAG. For more information, see Associating a Deal With a Service.
      • Partner and partner-managed accounts cannot view or change Port contract terms.
    • Port Diversity – If the current location supports diversity, this section notifies you that the new Port will be added to the diversity zone of the LAG. For more information on Port diversity, see Port Diversity.

    • LACP & LAG Ports – Specify the number of Ports to add to the LAG from the drop-down list. The maximum number of Ports in a LAG is 8.
      New Port details

  4. Click Next.
    The price updates dynamically based on your selections.

  5. Complete the order process.
    For more information, follow steps 5 to 10 in Creating a Port.

Last update: 2024-04-15