Configuring a Direct Connect Dedicated Connection

A Direct Connect dedicated connection can support up to 50 public or private virtual interfaces and one transit virtual interface. The configuration requires a physical cross connect between a Megaport and a Direct Connect port and a Virtual Cross Connect (VXC) between the Megaport connected to the Direct Connect port and a second Megaport.

To create a Direct Connect dedicated connection

  1. Provision a Direct Connect port in the AWS Console and designate Megaport as the vendor.
  2. Download an LOA from AWS.
  3. Provision a Megaport in the same data center as the Direct Connect port.
  4. Contact your Megaport account manager to set up a physical cross connect from the Direct Connect port to the Megaport.
  5. Configure a private VXC to connect the Megaport attached to the Direct Connect port to a second Megaport in a different data center.

This connection is not set up exclusively through the Megaport Portal, but instead requires direct coordination with your Megaport account manager.

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