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Setting Up Financial Details

Before you can start ordering services, you need to set up these basic financial details. You set up the finance information after you create your company profile.


The Billing section of this site provides detailed information about invoices and payments.

Enable a billing market

Before you can order services in a region, you need to enable a billing market. We recommend that you enable multiple markets to cover your business needs.

For example, if your business operates in the US and Australia, enable billing markets for those two countries.

Without an enabled billing market, you can still create a shopping cart and view pricing, but you won’t be able to submit an order.

For more information, see Enabling Billing Markets.

Set up a finance user

You can provide portal access to those who make financial decisions for the registered company by creating specific user roles: Finance or Financial Contact. These roles determine the user’s permissions to manage the account.

For more information, see Assigning a Finance User Role.

Payment options

There are multiple payment options available, including electronic funds transfer (EFT) and automatic credit card payments. Electronic payment methods available are outlined on your invoice. Bank details for EFTs are outlined in the onboarding letter for your billing market.

Payment by credit card is available for most billing markets and currencies. For more information, see Credit Card Payments.


Payment details do not appear if your account is managed by a partner. Contact your partner to arrange billing and payment.

Last update: 2024-04-15