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Creating an account

To get started as a direct Megaport customer, create a Megaport account. This is normally done by an administrator who will be defined as a Company Admin user.
You can create an account by either using your Google account, or signing up with an email address and password.
When using your Google account, you must first sign in to your Google account and grant Megaport the requested Google permissions to create a Megaport account.


If you are having trouble creating a new Megaport account, or logging in to an existing account, see Megaport Portal Authentication FAQs.

To create an account

  1. Visit the Megaport Portal and click Sign up in the Create an Account area. Create account
  2. Click Create Account with email if you want to create an account with an email address and password, or Sign up with Google if you want to create an account with your Google account credentials.
    Create account
    Step 3 - Sign up with Google
  3. To sign up with your Google account, click Sign up with Google.
    You are directed to Google to enter your credentials if you are not already signed in. After successfully entering your credentials, you are directed back to Megaport to enter your company trading name, read and accept the Privacy Policy, Site Terms, and Acceptable Use Policy. Then click Continue to Megaport Portal.
    Your account is created and you are automatically logged in.

    Alternatively, click Create Account with email to create an account with an email address and password as described below.

    Steps 4 to 8 - Create account with email
  4. Complete the following fields:

    • First Name – The first name of the person creating the account.
    • Last Name – The last name of the person creating the account.
    • Company Trading Name – The name of your account, company, or organization.
      The company is created after you complete the signup process, and the company trading name is automatically recorded as the Company Trading Name in the Company Profile section of the Megaport Portal. You can change the name later if required.
      For more information, see Modifying a Company Profile.
    • Email – The email address for the Megaport account.
      If the email address used to sign up is already associated with another Megaport account, an error is returned and you will need to use a different email address. The email address must be valid because it needs to be verified before you can log in.
    • Password – The Megaport account password.


      The Megaport Portal password policy includes minimum password complexity rules. Your password must contain:

      • At least 8 characters
      • Uppercase characters (A-Z)
      • Lowercase characters (a-z)
      • Numbers (0-9)
      • At least one special character: ^ $ * . [ ] { } ( ) ? ” ! @ # % & / \ , > < ‘ : ; | _ ~ ` = + -

      A password strength estimator is used to prevent common, easily guessed passwords, for example Passw0rd. If you have met all complexity requirements and your password is still being rejected, the likely cause will be that the password is too common or easy to guess.

    • Confirm Password – Enter the password again to confirm.
      Create account

  5. Review and accept the Privacy Policy, Site Terms, and Acceptable Use Policy.

  6. Click Create Account.
    A prompt appears, asking you to check for the account confirmation email that has been sent. The link in the confirmation email is valid for 24 hours.
    You can click Resend Email to send another confirmation email if required. For example, if you did not receive the original email. Clicking Resend Email will invalidate the previous email that was sent.
    Confirmation email
  7. Click the Verify Email link in the confirmation email that you received.
    This link opens a page stating that the new account has been successfully verified. The user has now been created as a Company Admin and will receive a Welcome email.
    You can now log in to the Megaport Portal.
    Verify email address
  8. Visit the Megaport Portal, enter your email and password, then click Login.
    You should now be successfully logged in to the Megaport Portal.


Click Start Tour to familiarize yourself with account setup, Portal tools, and how to contact Megaport Support.
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Last update: 2022-11-08