Quick Start Guide

This topic provides basic workflows for you to get set up and create some of the most common configurations.

Get your account set up

Before you can create anything with Megaport, you need to create an account and set up some administrative details. These are the essential steps.

Provision services

To set up network services with Megaport, you need either a Port or an MCR. A Port lets you connect your equipment to Megaport through 1 G or 10 G fiber interfaces (100 G is available in some locations). With a configured Port, you can establish connections to other Ports, CSPs, or IXs. An MCR is a Layer 3 capable virtual router hosted by Megaport in cloud hotspot locations worldwide. An MCR does not require a Port, but you can connect to one as needed.

Through the Portal, you can set up your complete end-to-end configuration and add those elements to your shopping cart, and then proceed to the ordering process. For details on using the Portal to set up your services, see Understanding the Services Page.

Port to Port connection

Port to Port connection

Port to Cloud Service Provider connection

Port to CSP connection

Port to IX connection

Port to Marketplace connection

MCR to CSP connection

MCR to CSP connection

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