Managing Your Megaport Payment Information

When you buy a Megaport service, the payment information you provide is saved to your new Megaport account. There are multiple options available, including electronic funds transfer (EFT) and automatic credit card payments. Payments are postpaid with net 30-day payment terms.

To register a credit card

  1. Choose Company > Billing Markets.
    Make Payment icon

  2. Click the Make Payment icon for the Enabled Market.
    Payments tab

  3. In the Payments tab, click Register Card.
    Register Card button

  4. Enter the Card Number, Expiry, and CVC.

  5. Specify whether you would like to set up automatic payments on this credit card.


Automatic payments are only available after Megaport has issued your first invoice. One-off credit card payments are accepted at any time. For details, see Making a One-Off Credit Card Payment.

Megaport will apply any credit card processing fees from Stripe (Megaport’s payment provider) to your next invoice. Stripe accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Megaport does not take or hold any PCI DSS information. For more information about Stripe credit card processing fees, go to

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