Creating a VXC

With a Port configured, you can create Virtual Cross Connects (VXCs) to connect to services on the Megaport network without the need for any physical infrastructure. A VXC is essentially a private point-to-point Ethernet connection between an A-End (your Port) and a B-End (one of the four destination types).

Each VXC is delivered as a separate Layer 2 VLAN on your Port. (It is also possible to deliver an untagged VLAN, however this consumes the entire Port and prevents any other VXCs from being deployed on this Port.)

To deploy a VXC

  1. In the Megaport Portal, go to the Services page and select the Port you want to use.
    If you haven’t already created a Port, see Creating a Port.
  2. Click +Connection.
    For cloud service providers and the Internet Exchange, you can click the tile as a shortcut.

    Add Connection

  3. Choose your destination type.

    • Cloud – Provision a dedicated interconnect to a Cloud Service Provider (CSP). See the Cloud Connectivity section for detailed instructions for each CSP.

    • Private VXC – Display a list of other Ports that you own and connect to them. For details, see Creating a Private VXC.

    • Internet Exchange – Connect to any of our Internet Exchanges/IXs globally. For details, see the Internet Exchange Overview.

    • Megaport Marketplace – Search and connect to a wide range of service providers across our global locations. For details, see Megaport Marketplace.

    • Service Key – Connect to a third-party Port if they are not listed publicly in the Megaport Marketplace.

  4. Step through the procedures to configure your VXC.
    The procedures will vary slightly depending on your destination type.

  5. Add the VXC to your order and configure further VXCs or proceed through the checkout process.

To edit a VXC

  • Click the gear icon next to the connection in the Megaport Portal to make changes.
    Edit a VXC
    You can modify the details on the Megaport side including the connection name, rate limit, VLAN ID, and Service Level Reference. Once submitted, those changes take effect in a few minutes.

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